Photo of Robert Waterhouse

Robert Waterhouse

Snowsports: Chair

Things I would do as Pres/Chair:

• Expand the breadth of the club: All the Snowsports!

o Ice-skating-Big Fam Edition around Christmas

o Ice-karting?!? (go-karting on ice) in Queensway

o Boozy Curling mid spring

• SUBSIDISED PRE TRIP LESSONS FOR BEGINNERS. a set of subsidised trips to indoor ski slopes for the few weeks leading up to trip for those who have no experience, we want them to share the fun!

• DISCOUNTED SKI GEAR for trippers from select brands.

• SPONSORSHIP: Snowsports is the biggest sports club at imperial with a wide range of members. Sponsorship would allow events to be subsidised further (Who doesn’t like saving money?) and open the club up to more people/events. I will also create a Sponsorship Rep position dedicated to the role for the future.

• CLUB NIGHT with the exciting creators of Pickled Onions and other Imperial Clubs (Corsica Studios or similar)

• BAR NIGHT with HeFtY drinks tokens in 568/Metric

• Joss included in membership price (if you don’t know what it is vote to find out)

Now some of you may be wondering who I am or what makes me worthy of Pres. I’ve been an involved member of Snvowsports for three years and worked in the Alps for a season where it was my job to make everyone’s trip as great as possible (bag/goon/space wine?).

I’ll bring some pHAT energy to the cloob whilst making sure no-one is too much of an idiot on trip

Love you all,

Rob x