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Yan Choi

Badminton: Chairperson

Hi everyone! I’m Cherizza, current secretary of the badminton society. As some of you may remember, I promised to be the ‘bridge’ between social and team members last year. I’ve made a good start by livestreaming matches and inviting people to come support, and have noticed more interactions between the two from this with an increase in general interest in our competitions. I’m running for president hoping to keep building on this foundation and develop an even stronger connection.

Going to socials has also made me realise how tight we are as a society. I’ve made amazing friendships here, and I really hope to have everyone feel the same way and have that sense of belonging. I want even the beginners to come to socials and think it’s fun, so I’ll try my very best to make the club inclusive to every member.

I also strive to make your lives easier, starting with little things like changing up the website and moving the log in button to the main page and fighting for more court time so we can all play more. I’ll also make sure that we get better team kit, and have better training times and locations so we won’t spend unnecessarily, then we will have more money to subsidise BUCS and a lot more social events (karaoke woo).

Having seen how the club works, I believe I can make it even more successful next year alongside with the new committee :D Thank you for reading!!