Photo of Nathalie Podder

Nathalie Podder

Cross Country & Athletics: Chair

Dear ICXC family,

After an incredible year of success and recognition, I would like to propose a focus on one key ingredient that will help us continue to soar to even greater heights: welfare.

First allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nathalie, one of last year’s treasurers of ICXC. When I first joined, I did not anticipate how much it would change my life and growth as a person. I found a family away from home, people who were willing to support me in the darkest of times and share tears of both sadness and joy. When I entered treatment for anorexia and trauma 11 months ago, the thought of returning to the ICXC family, of being able to train together and make new memories again, was what kept me going in the direction of wanting to get better. Now that I have returned, I carry with me a wealth of hard-earned knowledge and experience about what it means to be well, and what it takes to maintain that wellness. Coupled with my previous experience as treasurer, I have what it takes to keep things running smoothly and moving forward in a positive direction.
With that in mind, I would like to propose three things to achieve in the next academic year:

1. Creating the welfare officer role on the committee
2. Starting a weekly Nutrition and Cooking Class on Saturdays
3. Including an optional Rest Day on the weekly training schedule

Much love,

Nathalie x