Photo of Charles McFadzean

Charles McFadzean

Cross Country & Athletics: Chair

Charlie is the name, captaincy is the aim.
This year, I have had the pleasure of being Men’s captain for a full serving of results, trips, training and tip top socials. I now feel that I have the mindset, organisation and commitment to captain our wonderful club on our ongoing path to greatness *dries eyes*.

My plans are as follows:
1. Run and become: On the possibility of a club coach I feel that my background in coached competitive sport will allow me to well align the club’s goals with the coach and I will ensure that this resource is efficiently utilised. In my regular attendance at training and races I have seen brilliant commitment from everyone which has paid off with amazing team and individual results. I will maintain this high standard of performance, encouraging maximum participation and starting a knowledge sharing scheme so that we can all assist one another in maximising benefits from training and preventing injury.

2. Run and belong: Being Men’s Captain and running our weekly intervals session has shown me how varied everyone’s individual aims are with running. I believe this is important to uphold. Our community benefits from our diverse mix of casual and competitive runners and I plan to ensure that, even if we become professionally coached, we maintain this acceptance on all levels and our important sessions such as lunch and breakfast run and our legendary socials remain fun and inclusive.

The future is bright. I am ready, are you?