Photo of Harry Reynolds

Harry Reynolds

Hockey: Chair/President/Captain

As someone whose been a part of this club for 4 years, and a core member of the exec committee this year I feel I'm well placed to lead the club next year. I'm used to receiving and responding to emails fairly constantly, and hockey > degree so I know that I have the time needed for the role.
Of the main things I'd like to aim for next year:
-Look at the possibility of a Men's 5th team (just Wednesdays), as we've seen with the Ladies' 3s this year we have the strength in depth needed, and I think it would give more people the opportunity to play, as well as helping the 4s push for promotion.
-Devolve more power to the captains. With BUCSplay its now much easier for captains to be directly involved in LUSL organisation, and giving them more power to organise Sunday games could lead to more interaction with LUSL.
-Look at creating more framework for internal umpires because it keeps money in the club, and will probably improve the standard of officiating.
I really hope you can help give me the opportunity to steer the committee next year and help this club become even greater.