Photo of Pok Kwan

Pok Kwan

Dance Club: President

Hi everyone, I am Bowen. Hopefully you have seen my face in JCR one time or another, from social classes to team practices, from Salsa/Bachata to Ballroom/Latin. Joining the Dance Club has been such a life-changing experience for me, so I am now running for President of Dance Club to ensure you enjoy your time as much as I do.

1. Promote different types of partner dancing to get more people to enjoy social dancing
Building on the lovely social atmosphere of salsa/bachata, making sure everyone can dance in a friendly and encouraging environment for different types of dance.

2. Facilitate competitive teams to shine in various competitions
Salsa/Bachata: Earlier budgeting to get the costumes for choreo teams and even freestyle couples done sooner. Book other venues for choreo teams for rehearsal when they do not have the JCR main floor.
Ballroom/Latin: Better connect the beginners with the main team through stamina/fitness sessions.

3. Bring Salsa/Bachata and Ballroom/Latin more closely together
Apart from the weekend socials, we can have mini-workshops and demonstrations/showcases allowing dancers to know each other better on and off the dance floor.

(More details available at the Hustings due to limited space here)

Major Leadership Experiences:
Ballet Director, Imperial Dance Company: Organised regular classes for members and choreographed for the competition teams
Internal Project Manager, ICPASS Charity Concert: Organised a show that raised £2000 for Orbis
Chairman, Moral Education Team, Queen's College, Hong Kong: Helped develop policies and organised activities to promote virtue in school