Photo of Priya Chhaya

Priya Chhaya

Electrical Engineering: President

I’m running to be your next President of EESoc.

If you don’t know me or my bright yellow jacket by now, then Hi! My name is Priya and I’m in 2nd year EEE. As Events Officer this past year, I’ve been able to work on every event that EESoc delivers, be it Mums and Dads, or the New Year’s Dinner. I’ve gained a thorough understanding of the inner EESoc workings, and I think that this knowledge will equip me to carry out the role of President.

In the past year, I’ve created a new curry night event for EESoc FamilEEs to get to know each other better in 1st term, as well as helping deliver our Autumn bar night at a new exciting venue. I’ve also tried to increase inclusivity in events, through offering more options for people who choose non alcoholic drinks during New Year’s Dinner (and Sushisamba, you’ll see this soon!), while also ensuring all catering at New Year’s Dinner was halal, with all vegetarian options being vegan to accommodate everyone!

Some of the stuff I would like to implement:
- Actually make EESocks
(and also continue our links with the department (especially providing more events with professors), increasing the organisation and quality within industry and social events, delivering a few more cultural events, giving our love and support to the WiEE society, and selling Cheaper Tickets! to name a few things)

If you have any questions or ideas at all about anything, feel free to message me!!