Photo of Jonas Eschenfelder

Jonas Eschenfelder

RSMU: President

Hello everyone!
I’m Jonas, a second-year geophysicist and hoping to be your new RSM President. Since first year, I loved being part of the this family. Last year I was an academic year rep in ESE and this year I am your Welfare and Activities officer, as well as a member of RSM Lacrosse. In those roles I’ve gained experience both in the Welfare and the Academic network at Imperial and noticed how important a proper support structure is for a healthy student body. Because of that it is very important to me, that the RSM is an open space for everyone.
My goals as president are simple:
- I want to make the RSM an inclusive and diverse place, where everyone feels welcome and safe, especially, as the RSM is becoming more diverse every year.
- I want to be in regular contact with reps from both departments, to make sure that every student is represented and that our voices are heard.
- I will continue to assess the events that we are running to make sure that everyone can enjoy them.
- I’m hoping to work with the new VPCS to expand Bottle Match, so more people can take part in this great tradition (i.e. Women’s Football)
- I will emphasise student welfare, through the RSM, departments and ICU
- Working together with the newly elected committee, I will represent us to the ICU and make sure that we have our say in important decisions
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