Photo of Jasmine Crocker

Jasmine Crocker

RSMU: President

Hello, I’m Jasmine, a second-year geologist/devotee of the RSM! If elected as President, I would work tirelessly to give back to our community and improve the experience of all of its members.

During the last two years, I have played for RSM Netball + Tennis, acted as both academic + wellbeing representatives, held an RSMU committee role and currently hold a place on an ICU Council subcommittee. Reflecting on these experiences, I have learnt how to navigate eActivities as well as developing key communicational and organisational skills which make me an ideal candidate for the presidential role.

As well as guiding and working effectively with the RSMU committee, I aim to:
• Push for more funding to allow RSM sports societies to access coaching and reach their full potential.
• Work closely with the Sponsorship officer and Treasurer, to be able to plan to strengthen the RSM’s financial position in order to subsidise more activities.
• Re-introduce the debate within the RSMU which considers the establishment of an Earth and Planetary Science DepSoc or merge the current 3 in ESE.
• Support ideas and activities run by the DepSocs to maintain and increase the level of student involvement.
• Continue encouraging ESE and Materials integration by introducing more inclusive events with particular emphasis on diversity and competitive depsoc activities.
• Liaise often with the VP’s (Education and Welfare) and stay up to date with issues or successes that reflect on the RSMU’s notion of prioritising students.

Please attend hustings for more information!

RSM love,
Vote Jasmine!