Photo of William Draper-Barr

William Draper-Barr

Mechanical Engineering: Chair

I am Billy and I am running for the Chair position of MechSoc for the next academic year.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to hold the role of Vice Chair (Events) this year, doing my best to control the chaos of curry night, bar night, and pub golf. I hope to see you all at the MechSoc End of Year Dinner as well, lecturers may give out a higher grade in your exams if you buy them a drink on the night.

Moving up in the world, I would love to take on the challenge of leading MechSoc to improve departmental initiatives with a larger society budget. Looking to build on:
-Staff and student events (who wouldn’t want to do a pub quiz with Fred)
-Industrial connections for talks, events, and maybe some cool stash to wear in lectures
-Talks and events with other departments and societies
-And a ribbon guy statue in CAGB concourse if there’s any room left in the budget

It would be great to have your vote.

MechSoc Love,