Photo of Chang Cheng

Chang Cheng

Mechanical Engineering: Chair

There’s a fascinating phenomenon that is rarely appreciated in the wild. It is said that once every so often, when the stars align, and the wind stops blowing… a MechEng student can be seen enjoying some free time.
It is for that reason that MechSoc events are so important to us. There are few occasions when we get to come together and become more of a community. To finally meet the person who has been sitting behind you in lectures after all this time.
To help strengthen this community, I plan to:
• Rebuild Mums and Dads. I will implement a better pairing scheme, a sustained incentive to maintain contact through family reunions and even an orphanage system for those whose parents left for milk, never to be seen again.
• MechNet x MechSoc. Providing you with free food during Crash Course breaks in an effort to collaborate more closely with our friends from MechNet. Sustaining your welfare through a balanced approach to academics.
• Diversify inter-departmental events. Including new opportunities to network, perhaps even find your future university-dropout/business partner.
And if you are one of those who is not convinced by empty promises, I can at least back my commitment to leadership with my two years of experience as Academic Representative and my former role of Student Council President in high school.
If you have any questions or want to hear more ideas (with no word limit), feel free to DM in Facebook. Thank you for reading my humble manifesto.