Photo of Matteo Conti

Matteo Conti

Italian: Chair

Hello Italians and Italy lovers, I’m Matteo Conti. I am a second-year Civil Engineering student and I would love to be your president next year. I decided to run for this position given my experience as vice president of the Italian Society this year and as Trip Coordinator of Cameroon Catalyst, these opportunities provided me with the right skills, enthusiasm and willingness required to lead this society for the next academic year.
This year we had the opportunity to organize multiples events, that brought together Italians and Italy lovers by making us all feel a little bit closer to our beloved ‘boot’, however, we can always improve and strive to do better. I believe that this society must give the opportunity to Italy-lovers to discover what is the Italian culture and at the same time provide the Italians with a reference point at Imperial, a place where we can all feel a little bit closer home.
Thanks to the connections and experience gained in the past years, as your future president I will:
1. Organize every month an Aperitivo
2. Plan more social events during the year like: Carnevale, movie nights, ‘pizzate’, Christmas Party and much more
3. Establish a stronger relationship with other Italians Societies of other universities by organizing gathering and events together
4. Provide our members with discounts from our favourites Italian’s restaurants
5. Create a stronger link with the Italian Embassy, in order to bring politicians and other notable people at our university