Photo of Stephen Prashant

Stephen Prashant

Malaysian: President

My desire to become President stems from my personal values and the genuine interest I have in seeing out the continued successes of MSoc. By involving myself with MSoc I will also be able to further cultivate my planning, problem solving, and situational judgement skills. Most importantly, knowing that one day the people I will be helping through MSoc will in turn help the next generation of MSoc makes me happy.


1. Increasing Inclusivity of all events
This needs to be done to ensure that no member of MSoc feels marginalised or discriminated against. This will be done by:

a. Increasing participation of seniors in all events
b. Updating marketing policy for events

2. Increasing the emphasis towards career-focused events
MSoc has a responsibility to support its members and this support should not only encapsulate welfare but also future opportunities. I will:

a. Organise engagement events with sponsor/prospective sponsor
b. Arrange for a CV and Cover letter writing workshop in early November in tandem with Careers 101 session

3. Increase connectivity with other London Universities
By being disconnected from other London universities we lose out on many networking opportunities. Steps I would implement to solve this are:

a. Organise a collaboration with UKEC
b. Organise joint events with other London Universities

4. Streamline the organisational process
An organisation as big as MSoc must have a high degree of efficiency. This increase will be achieved by improving upon the following:

a. Format of meetings
b. Communication
c. Committee welfare