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George Morgan

Materials: Vice President

As a committed MatSoc member over the last 2 years, I would like to provide a more wholesome society if I were to be elected Vice President. I feel as though our society, of all years, has a great potential to provide a friendlier and stronger community. My experiences throughout my time as part of MatSoc have been great, informative and FUN, I would only like to build upon this foundation.

Matters I would strive to achieve:

* A welcome MatSoc event at the start of autumn term, providing 1st years a taster into the society, allowing togetherness and FUN from the beginning.
* A wider scope of lunchtime lectures, not all just about materials, although I believe this to be a great base and use of our lunchtimes (materials r life but not ALL of life, ha jks)
* Continue the trips during spring and summer term. Having attended these trips, I believe they are a source of fantastic outreach to the application of our degree, whilst also providing a FUN experience. More FUN pls Mr. VP. Taking advantages of these new places for FUN is crucial.

Finally, having been transport secretary for Imperial’s rugby team AND academic rep for year 2 (hardest year appaz) AND playing rugby for IC AND being a lecture goer AND being FUN aNd..(word limit)... I believe my time management, organisation and commitment to be great attributes for role as VP.

Tl, dr: GEORGE = FUN (and organised)