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Joseph Hua

Mathematics: Vice President

Hello! I am Joseph Hua and I say yes.
Here is an inspirational quote from the Imperial Mathsoinalist Party (IMP for short) manifesto (if it helps I read it before going to sleep):
It is plain to see that a vote for the Mathsionalist party is the only vote that will actually enact real change. A vote for the chosen successor of the Mathsoc President will like all other years, merely lead to further suffering and erosion of Mathematical culture and values in the face of the computing onslaught…
Mathematicians of the world, unite!
Kevin told me that we will:
• Ban the Axiom of Choice
• Expel the nefarious JMCs from the common room
• Introduce a new programme of collectivised austerity within the department
• Stop sending money to DocSoc
• Spend this money on free food
• Install AI facial recognition in Huxley to prevent the intrusion of programmers
• Install hobs for cooking, a 90 inch TV and a pool table in the common room
• Smash the Unions, specifically (and also limited to) Imperial College student union
I think these are great! I too hate the Axiom of Choice! It keeps me up at night.
If you haven’t yet, you should see the party manifesto in its full glory on Kevin de Jong’s position. Vote Mathsionalist for Mathsoc!