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Iyal Kannan

Mathematics: Vice President

Hi everyone,

I'm Iyal, and I'm currently a second year mathematician who will be going into third year next year (assuming I pass my exams!)

I hadn't properly considered standing for a MathSoc role until everyone was joking about it at the pub quiz last week and I realised this was something I actually wanted to do.

Having been an active member of MathSoc for two years now, I feel like I've gained enough experience of the way the society works to be able to be a successful Vice President. I feel like being a third year and in this position will be optimal - I'll still be a part of the main undergraduate student body whilst also having that extra experience.

Also this year, I've been a member of the Women in Maths committee, which I believe has prepared me well for the organisational and teamwork aspects of being in a leadership role.

I know the key to everyone's happiness is free food and free drinks, so my main aim as Vice President will be to target new sponsors and work well with the existing ones.

Thanks for reading this (especially if you got to the end), and I'd really appreciate it if you'd vote for me: I would genuinely love to be your MathSoc Vice President next year.