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Harroop Bola

ICSMSU: Sites & Services Officer

Dear ICSM (Medics and Biomeds),

Our cherished and historical campuses have long been formidable institutions, cultivating the greatest Medical intellectuals, from our very own Sir Alexander Fleming (The true expansion of SAF) to the audacious David Livingstone. It is therefore appropriate, that this distinguished reputation is effectively maintained throughout the lands of the Imperial School of Medicine; from the Heart of SAF, to the distal phalanges of Charing Cross, and to the Kohinoor Diamond of St Mary's before it returns to the grasps of an "Unknown buyer".

As Medical Students of ICSM, it is within our public responsibility in accordance with the Hippocratic oath to act in the best interest of society; in doing so, the correct direction forward for this Union of Intellectuals is to elect me as your Sites & Services Officer. Having worn the Phoenix, and served my terms as the academic representative for the novel Phase 1a Curriculum, one is professionally qualified with the credentials to serve this elected position of authority- Authority that will inspire comradery and protection of our medical equipment (Macbooks, IPads, Pens?, Books?, and musical instruments) within the lockers.

Thank you,
Harroop Bola