Photo of Nika Afshar Shafaei

Nika Afshar Shafaei

Bio Engineering: Vice President

Hi everyone, my name is Nika and I’m a Biomedical Engineering undergrad. This year, I am running for departmental Vice President and if you vote for me, I promise you will not be disappointed.

I started studying at Imperial in 2018 so it’s my 2nd year here in this department.

In my previous schools (I’ve changed 7 schools) I have always made an effort to be head girl, form captain and year rep so I have plenty of experience being on a committee.

As well as general improvements, my main plan for the bioeng society is to fight for a common-room. I know how hard it is to talk over all the noise in the cafe when we have a break, so a common-room is something we really need. I’m also super excited to be a part of Healthhack this coming year so that we can make it an event as big as IC hack.

I have so many ideas about fundraising, events, and general improvements to the current society protocols and I can’t wait to bring them to the table at the meetings.

I’m really approachable and friendly. If you see me in the corridors, do say hi. I’m always down to have a chat.

Ps. I’m also an IET bursary awardee so if anyone is looking into that I can definitely help you with the application process.

Vote Nika for Vice President! :)