Photo of Ivan Busha

Ivan Busha

Bio Engineering: Vice President

Hi Everyone! I’m Ivan, a 2nd Year Biomedical Engineering Student.
I’m running for the position of the Vice President of Bioengineering Society. As Vice President, I will keep Bioengineering Society as the best society in Imperial, facilitating on the success of the previous leaders, bringing in new ideas and propositions.
My goals would be:
- To push for the organisation of more recreational events. From bake-offs and bashes to pub crawls and bar nights and many more, everyone will find something close to their heart! To help find a moment of relaxation after long days of studying.
- To improve the notification system to provide everyone with fast, accurate and up to date information about the forthcoming events, trips and activities.
- To set up a network for current and future Bioengineering Alumni to give advices and post-graduation prospects for the undergraduate students. With Bioengineering being the fastest growing industry, knowing your prospects and options will help to explore and choose the desired career paths.
Having been a member of 4 committees in my school, having to manage them and make decisions, some of which led to policy changing actions, I believe I have the necessary skills and experience to run for this position and to help in management of the Bioengineering society.
Thank you very much for your time and your support!