RSMU: President


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Hello, I’m Jasmine, a second-year geologist/devotee of the RSM! If elected as President, I would work tirelessly to give back to our community and improve the experience of all of its members. During the last two years, I have played for RSM Netball + Tennis, acted as both academic + wellbeing representatives, held an RSMU committee role and currently hold a place on an ICU Council subcommittee. Reflecting on... read more
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Hello everyone! I’m Jonas, a second-year geophysicist and hoping to be your new RSM President. Since first year, I loved being part of the this family. Last year I was an academic year rep in ESE and this year I am your Welfare and Activities officer, as well as a member of RSM Lacrosse. In those roles I’ve gained experience both in the Welfare and the Academic network at Imperial and noticed how important a proper... read more