RCSU: Events Officer


This candidate did not supply a manifesto.
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I'm Yuqing, first-year Physics student. I'm standing to become your Events Officer for this year because I want to support the RCSU and help us attract wider participation from members. As Events Officer, I hope to increase transparency in which events we organise, and I will set up a system where everyone can suggest events, through channels such as anonymous forms, emailing, or social media. I will... read more
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Ey it's ya boi , Millie back at it again with Manifesto'ing I'm second year Bio , know all about the sesh . Can organize some pretty dope events as well, more than that can make it so events are safe and well-planned to make sure everyone can enjoy the sesh innit. We all want events , whether to party , relax or take out frustration, probs should do it more often , with smaller events that can... read more