Medical Education: Year 5 Co-ordinator


Hiya, I’m Jaya! I’m in 4th year and am the Early Years Academic Officer for Netball. I have enjoyed this position and have learnt a lot in terms of organisational and time-management skills which will be invaluable in this role. 5th Year Co-ordinator is involved in organising lectures, PACES groups and mock PACES – all responsibilities that I have experienced of as Academic Officer. Having spoken to the current co-... read more
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Manifestos have always felt somewhat awkward to write, so I will try to be brief and to the point! - My name is Vasiliki, I will be entering my 5th year of medicine next year - I am running for Year 5 Co-ordinator in MedEd I have given this nomination quite some thought and here's a few points as to why I think I'd be a good candidate for it: - Have been actively involved with MedEd through... read more