Malaysian: Events Officer


My name is Puah Yi En and I am in my first year studying Aeronautical Engineering. ICUMS is a great platform for people from home to mix around and to spread the Malaysian culture to all the new people we meet when integrating into our new ecosystem. My motivation to run for this position is to encourage people to enjoy life. I believe university is never just about studying, but more about exploring the new... read more
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ICUMS gave me a sense of belonging in this foreign country, acting as a support system which I can always count on. ICUMS is not just a mere society to me: it serves as a haven for me to escape during my tough times, and as my pillar of support when I’m feeling vulnerable. Events organised throughout the year gave me something to look forward to especially throughout my stressful academic weeks and participating in... read more
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Even before starting university I knew I would join ICUMS. I was worried about being an outsider, having never lived in Malaysia but I realised I had no reason to be worried. Next year, I want to help the freshers experience the same sense of belonging by coordinating the events that helped me get to know my friends but also allow the seniors to still feel like a part of a strong community. I would be a good EO... read more