Hindu Society: Ujaali Choreographer


Hey there! My name is Anjali, and I have been dancing for many years; performing in more shows than I can count. Throughout the years, I have picked up a variety of different styles including; Bollywood, hip-hop, urban and many others. If I were to become ujaali choreo, I would make sure to implement these different styles into the choreography. Since the year is now 2020, I thought it would be a good idea to dance... read more
Namaste folks, Kavethan and Thishana here looking to ran-GO-li ahead and stand together for the coveted role of Ujaali Choreo We plan to use our natural charm and charisma to invite the next generation of members into the welcoming arms of Imperial HinduSoc at the Meet and Greet and eventually to follow in the success of our predecessors in pulling off a spectacular spectacle with Ujaali at the Diwali Ball We... read more