Cross Country & Athletics: Social Secretary


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With a good social track record and being the FRESHest fresher at BUCS this year, I hope to think I can plan some decent nights out and socials. I like to think that I’m friendly person and get on well with everyone in the club, which is needed for a role like social sec, as well as having good time management and organisational skills for planning things like Crimbo and End of Year dinner. So vote for me and Laura... read more
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I am Misi (the orienteer), and I am planning to give you the chance next year to live through the best socials ever to grace this society. Have you ever felt like you would like to try all the societies at Imperial? Every single one! There is not enough time or money in the whole world to join all of them, am I right? My plan is to organise socials giving a taste of all the possibilities in and outside of Imperial... read more
I’d say I have dedication to my running but after a hard day of racing I have even more dedication to a night out. I’ve enjoyed being part of the cross-country team and believe both Morgan and I would be great assists to the comity team, as social secs, as well. I am a very organised person and don’t shy away from a challenge no matter what that may be. I have been at Imperial just over half a year but have had a... read more