Clinical Genetics: Academic Officer


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My name is Rose Kurian Thomas and I am co-running for the positions of Academic Officers with Mrinalini Panthula. I am the current Academic Officer for the society. I thoroughly enjoyed my role developing educational platforms for my very own peers and remain very keen to build on this experience. I believe I have contributed to the team with quite novelty. For instance, to provide optimal quality in what we... read more
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Hello! My name is Suraiya and I'm running to be our Academic Officer. I have held key committee roles for Genetics soc over the past two years as co-Chair and Speaker Co-ordinator. I have loved seeing how the society just keeps on growing and I am keen to play a pivotal role in its continued success. Our tutorials are a huge part of what we do a society and key to raising our profile, I am very good... read more
Hi! I am Mini, and I have held the position of Academic Officer along side Rose Thomas this year and we would be honoured to run for this position again next year. As academic officers, we have been able to successfully arrange for student speakers at this year’s annual conference as well as run first and second year tutorials on genetics and cancer. This role required a lot of commitment, organization and pro-... read more