Chemistry: Departmental Academic Representative


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Hey guys! Andy here. This year I will be running for joint Academic/Wellbeing dep rep with Francesca. We want to be the smiley faces you can see and stop in the corridor to chat about anything. We want to be the bridge between you guys and staff to make sure that your voices are heard. We've been the year reps for the past two years and now we want to step it up a level and represent the department as a... read more
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Hi! My name is Afaaf Azreen and I am currently a first year student on the three year Chemistry course. I am running for the position of Departmental Academic Representative because I enjoy taking on responsibility and always strive to attain my goals to the best of my ability. I fully understand the extent to which this role would affect the student body. My experience as a Senior Prefect in school, as well as the... read more
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Hi, I am Ahhyun in second year. I am highly interested in the student experience and would like to gain opportunities. While I am greatly enjoying my time at Imperial College London, there are always rooms for improvement and I would like to gain an opportunity to improve our academic experience. 1. Student reviews for the elective modules - all modules in third & fourth year are elective and the feedback... read more
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Hi! I am Ada Chen, the current academic year rep for 2nd year standing for the Departmental Academic Rep position for the 2020-2021 academic year. In the past two years, I have been deeply inspired by our fellow chemists’ motivation on archiving academic excellence and the department’s endeavour in providing the best environment to support us. I would love an opportunity to act as the catalyst for optimising... read more