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Imperial on Ecosia

The Problem

Imperial on Ecosia is campaigning for the implementation of Ecosia as the default search engine for the whole of Imperial, for all staff and students. Ecosia is a search engine that uses its profits to plant trees which restores habitats, mitigates climate change and improves economic and social livelihoods across the world.

If only 1/5 people switched to Ecosia, this would remove the global amount of carbon emissions produced in a year. Ecosia plants a tree for every 45 searches. It is a 100% renewable search engine powered by solar energy. Ecosia restores habitats and deforested areas, helping endangered species recover and survive. It also mitigates the effects of climate change and reduces flooding and landslides by stabilising soil. Not only this, but Ecosia also provides employment e.g. by empowering women in Kenya’s rural communities through the Green Belt movement. Ecosia also helps to restore damage from hurricanes and earthquakes in Haiti by helping local farmers and schools fight food insecurity.

Using Ecosia can have a crucial impact on the environment but will not change anything to you! In fact, Ecosia search results are highly similar to Google. They are safe, privacy friendly and are even encrypted to prevent information from being stolen. No searches are stored or sold to advertisers and Ecosia is highly transparent. Financial reports are published monthly to show exactly where the income from your searches are going.

Switching to Ecosia is a small insignificant change, but if we make this change together at Imperial, it will have transforming effects on the climate, ecosystems and livelihoods across the world.


To make Ecosia the default search engine on all computers at Imperial.


  • Raise the awareness of Ecosia.
  • Gather student support to lobby the IT department to implement Ecosia.
  • Get more students using Ecosia on their personal devices.

Support the Campaign

If you support the aims and objectives of the Imperial on Ecosia campaign, show your support below!

Choose whether you simply want to show support for the campaign, be kept up to date on the progress or if you want to join the team and take action to create change. 

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