Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

In this document, the following definitions apply:

“Agreement” means an agreement for the hire of the Premises between Imperial College Union and the Hirer, signed by both Imperial College Union and the hirer, which incorporates all Terms and Conditions;

“ICU” means Imperial College Union and shall be used throughout this contract;

The “Hirer” means the person or entity named on the agreement as the hirer of the premises;

“BV” means Beit Venues, the ICU department responsible for functions and events;

“College” means Imperial College London, under whose umbrella ICU falls in terms of Health & Safety and insurance;

The “function” means the event, meeting, concert exhibition, performance, dance or other assembly of whatsoever kind to be held in the room(s) on the date(s) stated in this booking contract.


2. General

These Terms and Conditions have been issued by ICU and shall be deemed to be incorporated in the Booking Contract for the use of room(s) for the function, and any collateral agreements for the supply of food, beverages or any other goods or services in connection with the function. No employee, servant or agent of ICU is empowered to make any representations on behalf of the ICU which conflict in any way with these Terms and Conditions, or to vary them in any way whatsoever, save by express agreement in writing signed by the President, Managing Director or Senior Managers of ICU.


3. Confirmation

This agreement shall not be effective until and unless the Booking Contract has been received along with the deposit payment, signed by the ICU President (or nominated representative in his/her absence), and has been returned to the Hirer.


4. Deposits and Payment

In order to secure a booking:

(a) Full pre-payment of the booking total is required on the date(s) specified in the payments schedule on the booking contract. Further deposits will be required if additional rooms and services are added to the booking after the contract has been signed.

(b) Credit facilities are granted only at the absolute discretion of ICU and when references have been obtained and approved by ICU. Full payment in advance is required for non-UK based hirers/organisations. Prices are subject to alteration without notice. Where credit facilities have been granted, payment is required 30 days from receipt of final invoice.


5. Cancellation/Reduction of Rooms

In the event of meeting rooms, catering or any other booked services being cancelled or reduced in number by the hirer, the following charges may be applied in part or in whole:-


(a) If cancelled 12 months or more before the date of the event, there is no charge, other than the non-refundable booking fee, if applicable.

(b) If cancelled or reduced in number less than 12 months but more than 6 months before the date of the event, ICU reserves the right to charge 20% of the total estimated amount.

(c) If cancelled or reduced in number less than 6 months but more than 3 months before the date of the event, ICU reserves the right to charge 40% of the total estimated amount.

(d) If cancelled or reduced in number less than 3 months but more than 2 weeks before the date of the event, ICU reserves the right to charge 60% of the total estimated amount.

(e) If cancelled or reduced in number within 14 days before the date of the event, ICU reserves the right to charge 100% of the total estimated amount.


6. Final Catering Numbers

The hirer is requested to submit final catering numbers five working days prior to the event start date. Where a reduction from pre-booked to final numbers exceeds 20%, cancellation and/or minimum charges will apply on the excess numbers as above.


7. Room Capacities

The maximum number of people allowed in individual spaces, halls, meeting rooms etc. is decided by ICU in consultation with the Fire and Safety Officer and must not be exceeded. ICU reserves the right to prohibit entry to delegates if capacity is exceeded.


8. Exhibitions

Plans and layouts of exhibitions should be forwarded to ICU’s Beit Conference Centre at least two months prior to the event for approval by the Fire and Safety Officer.


9. Stewarding, Entertainment and Door Staff

It is at the discretion of ICU whether stewarding and/or door supervisors are necessary at any particular event, and although extra staff can be booked, the minimum staffing requirement is always to be determined by ICU, and this is non-negotiable.

(a) All events involving alcohol at ICU require the presence of stewards for the entirety of the event. Stewards cannot provide security for an event, and are present for customer safety. The number of stewards required at an event is related to the number of guests attending the event, and the room in which it is being held. Stewards have the right to refuse entry for any individual into a room should that room have reached its legal capacity.

(b) Entertainment staff are required if the hirer wishes to use any of the sound equipment in Metric, or requires any other entertainment services such as a cloak room or DJ services.

(c) Functions with bars will require the presence of Door Security for the duration that the Bars are open. Door staff can be booked at the hirer’s request, and provide security for an event that cannot be provided by stewards. 


10. Behaviour and Conduct

The hirer shall undertake, both on his own behalf and on behalf of the organisation, to accept full responsibility for the behaviour and conduct of all those present, whether by invitation or otherwise. All rooms must be vacated at the stated hour, and must be left in a clean and proper state. All furniture, which has been removed, must be returned to its original layout. ICU reserves the right to charge in full for loss, damage or cleaning to ICU property as a result of the Hirer’s function. Any such charges will be added to the final invoice sent to the Hirer after the event.


11. Admission to the General Public

Any performances of stage plays, cinematographic exhibitions, dancing or musical events to which the general public is to be admitted may require a special licence issued by the City of Westminster. If such a licence is required, ICU will make the necessary application, for which 45 day’s notice is required. Functions must not be advertised outside ICU unless authorisation has been obtained from ICU in advance.

ICU reserves the right in its sole discretion:-

(a) To refuse admission to any person whether or not they be the holder of a ticket for any performance, and without assigning any reason; and (b) To cancel or terminate any function at any time without notice; and in either case shall not be liable to pay to any person any damages or compensation whatsoever.


12. Licensing Laws

The sale of liquor on ICU premises in designated areas, is governed by appropriate licences, which restrict the sale of liquor to the following:- (a) employees of Imperial College, the Royal College of Music, the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal College of Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science and Natural History Museum, the Royal Geographical Society and their bona fide guests; (b) Students and former Students of Imperial College, members of ICU or ICU Refectory Club, the Royal College of Music, the Royal College of Art and their bona fide guests; and (c) visitors to the University who (i) are attending a bona fide conference; or (ii) are attending a private pre-booked ticket only function or event.

The approved times for the sale of liquor are:- weekdays and Saturdays:- 1000 to 2330 hours and Sundays:- 1000 to 2230 hours.

Permission to sell liquor outside normal Licensing hours (and then only to the classes of persons listed above) must be sought from ICU, giving at least four weeks’ notice. On application, ICU will be able to advise as to whether or not a variation in hours is possible and whether there would be any additional cost or conditions. For example, ICU may be required to submit a ’Temporary Event Notice’ to the relevant local authority and the police. ICU nevertheless retains the right, at the sole discretion of the responsible ICU or College Official, to terminate a function at any time, or to take such other steps as he may consider necessary.


13. Consumption of Food and Beverages

Except in exceptional circumstances, visitors and delegates are not permitted to consume food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on ICU premises that have not been supplied by the ICU.


14. Health and Safety

(a) The applicant shall comply at all times with the ICU’s Safety Policy and shall indemnify and keep ICU indemnified against all civil liability incurred by ICU for breach of its statutory obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 or otherwise arising out of the failure by the applicant to comply.

(b) ICU is covered by The College’s Safety Policy Document, which may be viewed during normal College hours and a copy is available upon application to the College’s Safety Director.

(c) ICU will not accept any liability for any costs incurred by the applicant in complying with the College’s Safety Policy.

(d) No alteration shall be carried out to electrical apparatus or equipment except by or to the satisfaction of the designated ICU or College Officer.


15. Indemnity for Injury and Damage to Property

Except in circumstances where ICU is proven to be negligent, in consideration of ICU permitting the Hirer to use the room(s) (whether on payment of a fee or otherwise) the Hirer agrees, both on their own behalf and on behalf of the organisation, that they will be responsible for and will release and indemnify ICU or College, its servants and agents from and against all liability for:- (a) personal injury (whether fatal or otherwise); (b) loss or damage to property and; (c) any other loss, damage, cost or expenses; which may arise in any manner howsoever which but for the exercise of such permission would not have arisen. Members of ICU/College and visitors are advised that ICU/College does not accept responsibility for any loss of personal property by theft or otherwise.


16. Liability and Insurance

ICU advises that organisers of events held at ICU should carry a minimum insurance cover. ICU is covered by The College and its insurance policies. The College insurance policies do not cover your delegates or personnel in the event of injury or for loss or damage to property, unless it is proved that


ICU/College has been negligent. Should you lose or damage ICU/College property ICU/College will seek redress from you, as will any of your delegates/personnel who may suffer loss/damage through no fault of ICU or College, it is therefore


strongly recommended that you carry appropriate public liability, and all risks insurance cover. It is also advisable to take out an abandonment insurance policy in the event of cancellation.


17. Promotional Materials and Advertising

The name ‘Imperial College London’ and the College Crest are registered trademarks and the Hirer agrees, both on their own behalf and on behalf of the Organisation, not to:-

(a) Affix, reproduce or otherwise depict the ICU logo or College Crest or logo (or any crest or logo of confusingly similar appearance) on any promotional or advertising material, function material, or any other business documents;

(b) Convey the impression that the function is held with the participation of, or is endorsed by, ICU or College; unless authorised in writing by the ICU President, ICU Senior Management or the College Secretary.


18. Sponsor’s Undertaking

In consideration of the booking detailed herein having been agreed at the request of the sponsor, the sponsor hereby covenants with ICU that he will use his best endeavours to ensure that the Hirer will duly and punctually observe and perform all the covenants, agreements and obligations of the hirer herein contained or implied, and that if and so far and so often as the hirer shall fail or omit so to do, the sponsor will thereupon duly observe and perform such covenants, agreements and obligations.


19. Corrupt Gifts

(a) The hirer shall not offer, give or agree to give any person in the service of ICU any gift or consideration of any kind as inducement or reward for doing, forbearing to do, having done or forborne to do any act in relation to the obtaining or execution of this or any other booking of ICU rooms or for showing or forbearing to show favour or disfavour to any person in relation to this or any other booking of ICU rooms.

(b) Any breach of this condition by the hirer or by anyone acting on his behalf shall entitle ICU to declare the booking void.

(c) Any dispute, difference or question arising in respect of the interpretation of this condition or the right of ICU to invalidate the booking shall be decided by ICU whose decision shall be final and conclusive.


20. Force Majeure

ICU shall not be liable to the applicant for any loss, damage or expense incurred by the applicant due to circumstances outside the control of ICU.


21. Waiver of Rights

Any failure by ICU to enforce these Terms and Conditions in a particular instance shall not be construed as a relinquishment of its rights in future instances.


22. Legal Construction

These Terms and Conditions shall in all respects be construed in conformity with and governed by English Law and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.


23. Precedence over other Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions shall have precedence over any terms appearing in acknowledgements, correspondence, etc. issued by the applicant, and such terms shall have no effect except in so far as they are consistent with these Terms & Conditions.

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