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General Information

What times can my event be held?
We are able to accommodate bookings between 08:30 and 23:00, and on exceptional occasions, up to 02:00.

Do you have parking?
As Beit Venues is in central London, parking is at a premium and we do not have any dedicated parking.  Metered parking is available on Prince Consort Road until 6:30pm, after which parking is free.  On the weekends, Imperial College campus car park is available to the public.

Do you have a loading bay?
We don’t have a loading bay, but there is step free access to Beit Venues from Prince Consort Road, and access from Kensington Gore/Bremner Road via three small steps.

Can organisers bring in their own food or catering company?
Unfortunately, we don’t permit external catering on site. If there is any specific cuisine or catering you wish to have, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss what options are available.

Can your caterers accommodate dietary requirements such as food allergies etc.?
We will endeavour to cater to special dietary requirements to the best of our ability if arranged in advance. However, as our kitchen uses nuts, we are unable to guarantee that an alternative will not contain traces of nuts.  Please contact us to discuss options for your catering, and we will tailor a menu to suit your needs.

What size are your tables?
Our Trestle Tables are 6’ x 2’ and our  Round Tables are 5’ (to seat 8)

Do you offer discounts?
We offer the following discounts:

  • Current Imperial College Staff: 25% on room hire
  • Imperial College Union Life Members: 25% on room hire
  • Charities (including other Students' Unions): 20% on room hire
  • Alumni (non life members): 20% on room hire

Do you have video/telephone-conferencing facilities?
Unfortunately we are unable to offer this service as yet.

Do you have Wi-Fi connectivity?
Wireless guest access is available at a small cost. Please contact us for further details.

How do I pay for my event?
Your required deposit will be agreed with you and detailed in your booking contract.  You will receive an invoice for the full cost of room hire and services after your event.  All costs must be paid in full within 30 days of the date of invoice.


Bar Spend & Bar Vouchers

Minimum Bar spend

What is a minimum Bar spend?
A minimum Bar spend is the minimum amount of money that needs to be spent over the Bar during your event.

What happens if the minimum Bar spend is not met at my event?
If the minimum Bar spend is not met by the end of your event, the difference will be added to your final invoice for the event. So if, for example, the minimum Bar spend for your event is £500, but only £400 is spent over the Bar by the end of your event, the difference of £100 will be charged to you on your final invoice.

Why is there a minimum Bar spend requirement for my booking?
A minimum Bar spend is applied when a booking is privately hiring one of our Bar spaces, thus preventing the space being used for anything else such as a Union event or a club night. The minimum Bar spend ensures that the potential loss of income from closing that Bar to the rest of our members is minimal.

Is food included in the minimum Bar spend?
Any food ordered from the Bar menu during your event, or any food that is pre-ordered from the Events menus will count towards your minimum spend.

What else makes up the minimum Bar spend?
The minimum Bar spend can be made up of drinks vouchers (on a tab – see below), cash sales, or a combination of both of these.


Bar Tabs and Vouchers

What is a Bar tab?
A Bar tab is an account that it set up for your event behind the bar. Drinks that are ordered with vouchers (see below) will be added to this tab/account, and you will be charged for all of these drinks after the event.

What are drinks vouchers?
Drinks vouchers are tokens that we will provide for you to hand out to your guests.  Only drinks ordered with drinks vouchers can be added to a Bar tab. Anyone that does not have a voucher that orders a drink will need to pay for the drink themselves.

Can I get ANY drink from the Bar on a drinks voucher?
Most drinks vouchers will have a value set to them by the organiser of the event. However, normally, double measures and shots are not permitted on drinks vouchers. Each voucher will have a limit to the value of the drink that can be ordered. Only one drink of this value or less can be obtained with that voucher.

What is the value of a drinks voucher?
As the organiser of the event, you can set the maximum value that you would like your drinks vouchers to be for with your Union Event contact. We recommend a minimum voucher of £2.50, which will offer your guests a limited selection of drinks. A £3.00 voucher will give your guests a much wider selection of beverages. You don’t have to set a limit on the vouchers at all, which means that your guests can spend it on any drink at the bar apart from doubles measures or shots.

Does the full value of the drinks voucher get added to my Bar tab?
No. Only the value of the drink that is obtained with the voucher will be added to the tab. So if, for example, the voucher is valid for a drink up to the value of £3.00 and it is used for a drink costing £2.50, only the £2.50 will be added to the tab.

Can I get change from a drinks voucher if I do not spend the full value?
No. The drinks vouchers are not charged for until after the event and even then, only the values of the drinks purchased with the vouchers are added to the Bar tab.

Can I use a drinks voucher in part payment for a more expensive drink?
No. Only a drink up to the value of the drinks voucher can be purchased with that voucher.

Can I use multiple drinks vouchers to pay for a more expensive drink?
No. Each voucher is valid for one individual drink.

If I have drinks vouchers left at the end of my event, can I get a refund for these?
No. The drinks vouchers are not charged for until after the event and even then, only the values of the drinks purchased with the vouchers are added to the Bar tab.

Can drinks vouchers be used to order food from the Bar menu?
No, they are only valid for drinks, but if you would like to arrange separate food vouchers for your event so that your guests can also order food to be added to your tab, these can be arranged with your Union Event contact in advance.

What should I do with drinks vouchers that are surplus to requirement?
Drinks vouchers are effectively like cash.  If anyone that is not attending your event manages to get hold of any of your drinks vouchers, they will be able to spend them on your event date and add their drinks to your Bar tab, which you will then be responsible for paying for. If you are left with surplus vouchers at the end of your event, the safest way to dispose of them would be to hand them into the Event or Bar Manager, who will dispose of them responsibly.

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