Host A Bar Night

A Bar Night is a closed event for specific attendees that utilise the bar for the sale of drinks and/or food. These events are usually held in The Union Bar, but in the case of 100+ people Metric or Reynolds Bar can be used. These events are a great way for members of a club, society or project to get to know each other. 

How to book a Bar Night

  1. Choose a venue, time and date for your bar night.
  2. Submit a booking request form at least 3 weeks in advance. 
  3. Receive a function sheet from the Entertainments Coordinator in Beit Venues.
  4. Agree to booking and terms and conditions by returning signed function sheet. 
  5. Receive a booking confirmation email.
  6. Host your bar night

Drinks Vouchers

Upon request drinks vouchers can be issued to the club, society or project as part of their bar night booking. These can be used by attendees at the event in exchange for a drink.

The value of individual drinks vouchers can be chosen between £2.80 and £5.00. However, the Union recommends the standard value of £3.10 as this covers most drink prices.

The monetary value spent with the vouchers will be charged directly to the student groups’ account and will be subtracted from the minimum spend.

If drinks vouchers are requested these will be available for collection from a Duty Bar Manager at the beginning of the event.

Minimum Spends

Bar Nights do not incur a room hire fee. Instead, they are subject to a minimum bar spend.

All minimum spends are calculated to cover the cost of staff for the event. This includes bar staff, security, stewards and a duty manager if required. These are variable costs based upon the number of hours the event runs for and how many people are estimated to be in attendance.

If the total bar sales at the event meet or surpass the minimum bar spend then there will be no charge to the student group. If the minimum bar spend is not met then the remaining amount (minimum spend minus bar take) is charged to the student groups club account via their 3 digit club code.

Terms & Conditions

For full terms and conditions about bar nights and drinks vouchers please visit Our Policies.

If you would like more information about running a bar night read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or get in touch with the Entertainments Coordinator at