Three Strike Procedure

Imperial College Union’s Three Strike Procedure on Space Usage 



  • To ensure fair and correct usage of space. 

  • To ensure health and safety matters are continually upheld. 

  • To stop recurring issues with space management and state. 

  • To ensure all CSP’s and their activities are protected and that all Imperial College Union Space is well managed and upkeep is to a high standard. 



This Procedure applies to all CSP’s, internal staff and external organisations making bookings in any IMPERIAL COLLEGE UNION space. 



  1. All bookings require a name and contact details to be associated with them at the point of booking. These will be the User’s details and will be a point of contact for any issues with the room. 
  2. All room users have a responsibility to return rooms to an acceptable standard and layout1. 
  3. Any discrepancies or issues with a room should be reported to the Union Reception at the earliest possible opportunity. Pictures of the room state should be included in any email correspondences as evidence.  
  4. If the evidence is deemed to be sufficient to cause complaint, reception staff will send the complaint on to the team that made the booking (Student activities for Clubs and Society bookings, Administration for internal staff and Beit Venues for external bookings) 
  5. If a room is reported to not be fit for use or has been left in an unacceptable state, then the user with the previous booking will be contacted and issued a “strike”.  
    • For CSPs this will affect the whole club and any member who has made a booking in that clubs name.  
    • For staff this will take the form of a warning from the Administration team 
    • For any issues with external bookings, they will be dealt with as outlined in their event contracts. 
  6. Further complaints will result in further strikes: 
    • For Clubs and Societies, at three strikes all bookings made by the CSP will be cancelled for a month. No additional room bookings will be made during this period. 
    • For staff, a third strike will result in a warning from their relevant directorate head and may result in a reduction in room booking priority. 
    • After the exhaustion of three strikes being issued, any further strikes will result in but, not limited to, further cancellations of room bookings and the removal of room booking privileges.  The Deputy President Clubs and Societies will have final say on summary punishments for the club in cases of repeat offending. The relevant head of directorate will be responsible for issuing further sanctions on staff members and teams.  
  7. If any damage or issues regarding state readiness of a space results in costs these will be covered by the User in question. 
  8. The Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) will have oversight of this process for CSPs. 
  9. The Administration team has oversight of this process for internal staff bookings. 
  10. Beit Venues has oversight of this process for external bookings.