College Minibus Hire FAQs

Q. How do I hire a minibus?

A. You can request a minibus by filling in the Minibus Hire Form, after which your request will be reviewed and confirmed byt the Student Activities team. Note: Research groups can only book a minibus with the permission of their supervisor and an agreement from the department to raise a purchase order on their behalf.

Q. How do I pay for minibus hire?

A. Payment is made by Purchase Order (often from the department administrator). The Union will need the number of the PO as part of your minibus request, in order to allow us to upload it to our system and generate a sales invoice.

Q. How do I alter or cancel a booking?

A. In order to alter or cancel a booking you will need to email or call the Union reception. If possible, we will try to alter bookings (including switching vehicles and timings). If you are cancelling your booking,please be aware of our cancellation policy and the associated fines. If the cancellation is short notice and we cannot re-allocate your vehicle you may still be charged.

Q. How do I collect/return the minibus keys?

A. You will need to collect your keys from the Union reception at Imperial College Union, Beit Quadrangle. Openoing Hours are 08:45am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday. If you are travelling at the weekend, you will need to collect your key the Friday before the trip and return them the following Monday.

Q. What do I do if I have an issue with the vehicle?

A. If you find you have an issue with the vehicle whilst still on campus, please return to the Union and we will try to find an alternative vehicle. If you have an issue with a vehicle whilst on your trip, there is breakdown and emergency information in the Red Folder found in every minibus, which will instruct you on what to do. 

Q. How do I fill up the tank?

A. Minibuses must be returned with a full tank of diesel. Fuel costs are borne by the Department requesting the minibus, so you are advised to keep all receipts and claim back directly from them.  

Q. How do I become a driver?

A. In order to become a Union approved driver you must check your validity to drive and then arrange to take the Theory and Practical test

More Questions?

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